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"Thank you so much for accepting my son into your program. I know that this has been hard for so many students but my son has had additional stressors in his life that have compounded this difficulty..... You hired a musician from Rhode Island. This was a game changer for my son. The teacher had such a wealth of knowledge on all instruments. He was able to work with my son on is trumpet skills. This program has been wonderful for David.......I hope that he continue with the program as it has been such a positive experience. " 

Lillian Gordon, 

" Benga has had a great time at the program, he raves about it everyday and we are so grateful to everyone that has impacted him positively. Thanks" 

"VELA has provided a safe and affirming environment, where [my son] has had the opportunity to sustain his academic success, explore new experiences, and express his creativity. It has greatly impacted his social, emotional, and academic development.

The program's supportive staff and inspirational interns have proven to be instrumental in making middle school enjoyable and successful."

Evelin Aquino,


“I love the fact the children have somewhere to go where they learn and grow with positive reinforcement. They have a place to go after school where they get help with their Homework and experience great activities. I have 3 of my teenagers in this program and one of them had a very difficult time being social and doing activities outside of his comfort zone. Ever since he joined VELA, he has come a long way socially and has grown in many positive ways. 
Thank you Vela for your dedication and attention you provide to our young teenagers in such a difficult stage and age."

Elaine Caraballo,


 "William has had an amazing experience! THANK YOU to all of the staff, administrators and volunteers for making this program happen." 

Benga's mom

William's Mom 

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